Not enough words

There are many things to say about Phil and not enough words. One thing that comes to mind is that he was always helpful and never pushy. He might have a different opinion and he would point you to an article or ask questions, but he was respectful of people’s opinions. He was dependable, kind, and he did the right thing and all of that made him a good consultant. He started as an operator more than 40 years ago and he has had long friendships with many of the people who still work for LC and some who have left the Lab or retired. They still ask about Phil and that tells you a a lot. Phil was an expert at helping users move from one resource management system to another. We are going to miss him during the transition to Flux and not just because of his operational knowledge. During the pandemic I was already missing our conversations at the kitchen area outside my office where we would compare notes on new tea varieties or talk about our kids. Phil was sociable and caring, always asking how others were doing. His absence will leave a giant hole on our hallway when we all return to our offices on a full time basis. I am glad that he was coming on-site to do his shifts and that many of you therefore were all able to see him in person these past few months. Phil talked about his family a lot. He loved his kids and grandkids so much, as well as his beloved wife who passed away a little more more than two years ago. Phil didn’t want to retire so we never had a retirement party and told him all of these things in public. I hope that he knew how much we all cared about him and his family knows it now. -B.S.

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