Papa’s Art

Grandpa was many things and among those was a artist. He loved his work at the lab but in his free time he would sketch. I told him “ papa why didn’t you become an artist”? He replied with an elaborate story about about how when he was in college he over heard a student talking about the fact that he came back for a different major because there’s really no jobs you can have with art, besides teaching that is. Man, I loved his stories. I spent hours, sometimes days on my sketches so that I can show him. I would go up to him and say “look papa, it’s even better this time”! Every single time I could count on him to tell me about his time in art classes and his experiences with the different techniques he learned. These stories made me so excited for our nightly talks about how I am doing and what he’s working on at the lab. I loved how even though I had heard some of the stories before, he still found a way to make them just as interesting. I love you papa. May your body Rest In Peace and your spirit be free with grandma.

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