Patient and kind colleague

Phil Eckert was a patient and kind colleague. I can remember discussing the design and history of LCRM with him in the early days of SLURM, and his thoughtful explanations helped instill confidence and direction in the SLURM design. He never judged or expressed exasperation at the naive questions of young programmers, and was always more than happy to give details or advice. I will always remember Phil as the most easygoing and pleasant people Iv’e met.

Phil continued to bring his vast experience and work ethic, and good natured collegiality to bear on the Flux project, where is contributions would ensure that the newest generation of the HPC resource management software will meet the needs of the users and administrators alike. In total, Phil made contributions to at least three generations of the batch scheduling software in use at LC and beyond, and thus he has left and indelible contribution to the world. -M.G.

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