Problem solver

I am terribly saddened that Phil left us too soon. At least if feels far too soon to those of us he left behind. The last time I saw him it was over a WebEx video call and he looked happy. He had let his hair and beard grow longer but not unkempt, and he was excited about new things he was working on like Flux, the SQL, and Gitlab. Since his wife passed away a couple of years ago, Phil frequently spoke of taking comfort in his faith and that they would be reunited in Heaven someday. Knowing that gives me hope that he was at peace in his final days and moments. Phil was one of the team members I most enjoyed having one on ones with as an SDG group leader. Once we had covered the business at hand, we’d spend the rest of the hour talking about his beloved family and his fond memories of his long career at the Lab. Phil taught me a great deal about what it means to be a dedicated employee and a devoted husband and father. Phil made the world a better place in so many ways. He spend his nearly five-decade career doing his part to sustain computing as a cornerstone discipline at LLNL. He was a problem solver who derived great satisfaction from wiring software that made his customers’ and colleagues’ jobs easier. The image of Phil I will carry in my memory is of him sitting in the 9AM LC morning meeting sprinting a Hawaiian shirt as if it was a Friday, and always wearing a big, content smile on his face. He was so proud to be Part of our LC Family, and I am proud and grateful to have known and worked with him. Rest In Peace, Phil. -N.B.

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